Car alarms that first came into the market had limited features that included door lock systems, motion sensors, etc. Then the later alarms came with better features so a thief cannot ‘hot – wire’ your car, early motion sensors, impact sensors etc. The latest car alarms now have software apps for their users too. These security systems with better enhancements to match their competitors. Here are the best voted car alarm systems this year.

Avital 5305L: – One of the best rated and top car alarm system companies, this model offers great features including an LCD display remote that works for 1/4 mile distance. Car owners get keyless entry into their car with this remote. Moreover, the remote has functions to control and monitor the car. There is dual zone shock sensor and trunk release, etc. This is one of the car alarms priced within the $100.00 range or slightly more. With all the interesting features within the affordable price, this makes it the best voted car alarm systems in this year at

CompuStar CS6900: – This is another car alarm that has remote with LCD display screen with remote start functions and the car owner can enter car by the keyless entry too. Another interesting feature is the shock sensor, so if a rash driver bumps into the car during parking, the two – way remote tells the owner the same. While this remote is one of the two of which the second does not have a two – way ability. However, it covers an amazing distance of 3,000 ft. Even though best suited to vehicles with diesel engines, this car alarm has good customer rating and one of the best voted alarms.

Viper VSS5X10: – It uses latest smartphone technology so the sensors are connected to your smartphone and you can manage the functions using your smartphone. Other features include trunk release, remote starting, keyless entry, shock sensors that know movement from shock, etc. If somebody drives your car away without or with your permission, then you can track the same as it uses satellite technology. That is one of the reasons that the product is voted as one of best car alarm systems.

Python PS5000: – The product has integrated one of the latest satellite technology with smartphone especially for tracking the location of your car within the country. A few of the best features include an alarm speaker, truck release, dual shock sensors, remote controls with keyless entry functions, and remote starting that works when climate is too cold or hot so you can start it at your home. Even though it is in the mid – range price of $200.00 it is one of the best voted car alarms.

Compustar CS700-AS: – It may come with 2 remotes but the 2 remotes come with one way functioning. Moreover, it covers a distance of 1,000 ft. So the car owner has to be somewhere close by. In case somebody hits into the car when the owner is away or when it is parked, then the alarm sound starts off.  The kit includes a 105 db siren, CM600 control module, 2 one way remote controls, the wires required. The basic features and affordable price that is less than $80.00 makes this car alarm system one of the best voted product.