Malware is a computer software that is written to decrease the security of your computer. This way hackers can access your computer and get all your important information. You may have downloaded a malware onto your system by clicking a harmless looking ad on the internet. As it is hard to identify malware, it is important to protect your computer. You can do this in the following way.

  • Install anti-malware and anti-virus on your computer
  • Stay away from pop-ups and flashy ads
  • Do not open suspicious e-mails or click suspicious links

Types of malware

There are different types of malware and the way each one affects your computer also varies. It is important to know what type of malware your computer is infected with in order to reverse the infection.

  1. Virus
  2. Spyware
  3. Ransomware
  4. Trojan
  5. Worms
  6. Adware


Sometimes your computer can be infected by malware to an extent that even if you install an anti-malware software, it may not reverse the damage. In such extreme cases, the only option you will be left with is to format your computer. What this does is, it completely resets everything on your computer to factory settings. Formatting results in loss of all data stored on your computer.

Can you install malware yourself?

You can definitely install malware yourself if your computer is not already infected. You don’t even need to have extensive computer knowledge to do them as they come with easy step-by-step instructions.

But when it comes to mobile computer repairs Brisbane related to extensive malware or if you need to format your computer it is always wise to get professional help. They will be able to identify the type of malware and provide the right anti-malware solution.