When it comes to buying a DSLR camera, one of the most attractive aspects is the fact that you can interchange the lenses. Finding a DSLR UK deal would not be tough. But actually choosing the camera is what is tougher. Once you have chosen the camera, choosing your lens would depend primarily on the brand of the camera and the lens mount type.

Some cameras only accept lenses of the same brand. There are other non-branded lenses which you can use. But the response of the lens would not be similar. This is why choosing a compatible lens is pretty crucial. Once you know the set of lenses that can be used, finalize on the type of lens you would use. This would depend on the purpose. Would you be clicking long distance shots or close-up shots? Here are the most popular types of lenses in the market:

Telephoto lenses:

These are long distance lenses. They come in handy to click subjects that are pretty far away. They come with long zoom capacities to make even the farthest objects appear close. Would you be clicking wildlife photos, or clicking pictures of the moon, then telephoto lenses would be useful.

Macro lenses:

These are mainly to capture the details in close-up shots. You can take the camera pretty close to the subject and obtain crystal clear reproduction of every detail. Be it to click images of smaller insects, or to capture textures, these are the best choices.

Wide-angle lenses:

As the name indicates, these are primarily to shoot wide angles. Be it to click pictures of a large group or to capture landscape photos, these lenses are useful. There are wide angle lenses that come with higher zoom capacities too. These combine the power of long distance photography with some extra width added to the frame.

These are the other types of lenses you could buy besides the kit lenses that come with the camera. As the lenses are expensive too, it is always a good choice to try few before actually buying one.