Everyone loves to play games. Age is never a hindrance for this. Be it the young or the old, all of us love to engage in some small game or the other. However, there is no stopping the hardcore gamers. They love to game and take a keen interest in the latest developments and new gaming technologies. This article is for those kinds of people.

Here is a look at the five futuristic gaming technologies that are sure to keep you amazed. But, before you do so, do make it a point to check the League of Legend Accounts at extremely low prices at LoLShop24 and place your order today.

  1. Holographic Lens – Created by Microsoft, this holographic lens pushes the limit of imagination way up to the sky. There is no stopping of what you can imagine nor experience. This long-awaited creation is now available for purchase after years of scientific development to blow your senses away. Now, creating holograms using your imaginative skills is as easy as you think.
  2. Gest – This is an amazing technology that can be worn on your hands and is linked to your every hand and finger movement, which makes combat games come to life.
  3. Tesla Gaming Suit – Who would not love to play dress up while gaming? It gives a very different experience and that is exactly what this new Tesla suit is aimed at providing. This suit syncs your body to a feedback enabled by the VR technology to create real-world physical feelings and movements, just the way you perceive and believe it to be with the help of the many sensors that are incorporated into the suit. These sensors respond to every movement of the users making gaming experience awesome.
  4. Araig Gaming Suit – This is another full body suit that is fitted with many sensors linked to a feedback technology to provide the users with some great gaming experience. In addition, the suit also triggers the human hormones making the experience almost real. The technology used is once again VR technology and users are sure to get lost in this amazing suit.
  5. VOID – As the name suggests, this technology is aimed to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world in terms of experience and what users perceive. This is the future we are talking about here where you can actually visit locations and bring about a whole new experience to your game mode.

It is for sure that if you are a gaming lover and an ardent follower, then these are sure to get you all excited. You simply cannot afford to ignore these mind-blowing technologies.