Road trips can be exhilarating and enjoyable. But, with children and toddlers especially, it can be very exasperating too. Keeping boredom away is quite difficult, yet it is probably the only way you can ensure peace and fun during long hours of travel.

Before one such very long road trip that we were planning and I was contemplating on to how to keep my children occupied and busy during the trip, I happened to remember my daughter got this portable dvd player for her birthday. And I resorted to some gaming hacks to modify some videogaming hardware and software to keep us going comfortably. And boy! It did work like magic.

Game hacks are indispensable cool entertainment technology which your children can enjoy during long road trips. If you have a portable DVD, these hacks can really come handy. Here’s what you can to get started!

  • It is important that you identify the type of boards and components used in your dvd player. Look for the main processing data sheets. Check whether your device has the required input facilities to connect a videogame system to the DVD’s screen.
  • Your next step is to identify the batteries used in the portable DVD and keep ready additional batteries to keep the player up and running during the whole travel time.
  • Then you can plug in audio and video signals into the output or video out port from the video gaming system and connect the opposite cable ends to the video in slot on your portable DVD player.

This is just a simple way of adapting a portable DVD player to playing video games. You can use your DVD player not just to play movies and favourite shows, but also do some modifications to play your child’s favourite games and this probably could be one of the most fun entertainment tech you could use during a road trip.