The technological evolution has a long history, especially where drones are concerned. It all started off in the 20th century. It was then only used for target practice. Many started experimenting with model aircrafts. But they were mostly interested in flying them than for any use as such. But soon as GPS became stronger precise navigation became a reality anywhere in the world.

The use of cameras

Soon cameras too became ubiquitous and it could be used by the pilot of the drones and can use it through glasses or googles. These can rotate and used extensively riding on a drone to take images and contours to help map the whole area. They began to be extensively used by army and law enforcement agencies. Now the drones have entered the local area and market. There is a certain influx of drones in the market which is now being used by many. Not all drones have a camera. There are estimating the increase of drones and its uses by thousands by 2030.


We need to first decide on the specs required before buying a drone. The specs can be of

  1. Speed
  2. Weight
  3. Camera lens
  4. Motor weight and noise
  5. Detachable wings
  6. The software
  7. Accuracy and ground sampling distance

Buying Drones

It is essential to understand the specifications needed to finalize which drone to purchase. The purpose also is very important to then get the right specs. Drones are used for farming photography more. There are many websites which will clearly state the kinds of drones we should purchase and its specifications. Apart from this, the reviews to are important for deciding on the type of drone to buy. I found a great review site for drones in Spanish, which helps us to decide on the types and kind of drone available and how useful it is.