Are you a computer enthusiast and planning to build your own computer? Well, there are a lot of such people who love to set up their own PC and why not to build your own, after all it can save you a lot of money since buying a PC from some electronic store can be more expensive. But, if it is the first time you are planning to set up then obviously you need some guidance.

Here are some steps that will help you to build your own PC.

  • Firstly you need to decide what exactly you want your computer to do and accordingly you will be using components. Say for example, if you want a PC for your home office for emails and processing then its requirements will be different than what is required for a gaming computer. Although few components will change as per the need but the basic components will remain same.
  • Fix a budget too. If you need a PC mainly for office work then $400 is probably enough for you. But if you have plans for a high end gaming system then your budget should be $600 – $800. Also, you have to assign money for monitor, OS, mouse, headphones, microphone, speakers, webcam etc.
  • If you are a computer enthusiast then you will know that the brain of the computer is the processor which is also called the CPU. So, find out a good processor which is updated, efficient and faster.
  • Buy a good motherboard that suits your processor because it is just like the nervous system of a computer. It is responsible for connecting the internal components of a computer. You can go for mini itx motherboard depending on the processor you are using and also use a mini itx case. It is up to you regarding how much memory is required.