Table saw is a machine which is used to cut wooden boards, blocks and much other material in accurate shape by the woodworker. Most of the woodworker owns this machine and there are five types in it but most used one is Contractor table saw, cabinet table saw and hybrid table saw, they listed some table saws options for who’s interested. ┬áThe common thing in all type is that there is a rotating blade, motor, and surface to cut material easily. Table saw is also called as a woodworking tool which is operated by an electric motor with the help of gears or by a belt. A dado blade is used on the table saw which facilitate to cut rabbets which mainly found along the edge of any board or wooden block.

Mechanical accessories

The accessories used in the table saw also have a significant role in its working process. This equipment is consisting of motors, trunnions and gearing and the quality of such equipment are also important to consider. Most of the table saws are equipped with motors which are lying in the range of 1-5 HP. An induction motor is generally used in large sizes table saws. Such induction motor is a TEFC motor which is totally sealed and prevent itself from the dust and other dirt mainly found in the woodshop. The woodworker who is operated such table saws should always aware about the voltage of power supply. The motors which are less than 3 HP range then 110-volt power supply is needed. On the other hand, 220 volt power is required by the motors having 3-5 HP range.

As well as, the accessories of such table saw which make their task convenient; some more kind of parts is also used in it for the security features. Kickback pawls and push stick are also equipped with such instrument for the safety purposes.