List Of Best Audio Editing Tools

For all types of music processing, whether it is for creating a fusion of songs or creating your own personalized ringtone, you need a good audio editing tool. Some are listed below:

  • WavePad is a user friendly editing tool which allows you to perform editing at a professional level using your personal computer. This offers blending of various music tracks which can help to create a music fusion. This tool supports most of the formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, GSM etc. and also one gets to use both standard and advanced features. You can also add certain sound effects to enhance your music as well.
  • Audacity is an open source product and hence it is a free editor. It offers professional level functions like live recording support and multiple track editing. Its user interface is quite impressive because of its simplicity. Even this supports formats like MP3 and WAV. Audacity is very easy to use since it involves features like cut and paste, vocal reduction, noise reduction and also it supports multiple platforms.
  • Ardour is an editor which also allows a user to record music, edit it and mix various tracks. Its interface is user friendly but at the same time it is very professional.This editor is preferred by professionals like musicians, composers, sound engineers and sound track editors.Its enhanced recording features can be of great help to composers and musicians. Ardour has great features such as multiple track recording and also offers support for hardware editing. You can even use the advanced features for mixing and editing of music.
  • Linux Multi Media Studio which also called LMMS can be used for free. This offers great features like automation editor, FX mixer, some in-built effects etc. It has very good plug-ins which takes productivity to another level and its user interface is also very professional.