Weird And Cool Tech Gadgets And Accessories For Geeky Couples

Not all couples gift diamond rings and expensive watches to each other. While you might love the idea of both, some couples prefer resorting to gadgets and smart devices for gifting and other purposes. Here are a few weird and cool gift ideas that geeky couples could give each other on special occasions.

  1. Cuddling mattress

A lot of us face the dilemma of where to stick our arms while cuddling our partners in sleep. Either the left or the right arm comes in between. You could gift a cuddling mattress that is technologically designed to allow sticking your arm inside a panel while you cuddle your partner in sleep.

  1. Smart alarm clock

You two love and adore each other but hate being awakened by the sound of your partner’s alarm because your alarm is supposed to go off an hour later. Solve this issue right away by buying a dual alarm clock that is silent and only vibrates when your partner needs to wake up.

  1. Mathematical glasses

This is a very geeky gift to give to your significant other, especially if he or she loves Mathematics. The best part about these glasses is the fact that they can be used as per their ounce marks.

  1. Solar powered light and charger

The sun is all powerful. Why not use it to make calls, tweet a couple of funny messages, text your partner or your boss with a solar powered light and charger set?

  1. Chastity locks

With technologically advanced male chastity locks, you can ensure that your partner is not cheating on you on his trip abroad. If he is a geek, you can get him a lock that has mathematical deductions on its surface. While some of these locks are available in adult sex toy stores, you can also find them at https://lockthecock.com/pages/permanent-chastity.