What is online identity?

Online identity as the word says is creating an identity for yourself on the web. These days, three great places where people make an identity unconsciously or consciously are Twitter, Online Forums, and Blogging. A great way to showcase your competency on the net. The revolution of online identity sometimes even impacts your interviews these days, to the extent that the interviewer has had studied your personality and your competencies through our blogs or tweets, or your queries or answers at public forums. Many people use these platforms to promote themselves.

Impact on us

  • Employer’s these days are searching online for the right fit.
  • Your expertise and skills on Twitter and LinkedIn are magnets for search engines
  • YouTube videos are a great way to showcase your skills
  • Sharing your expertise and links to your articles on Twitter has been trending today. This boosts your reputation professionally.

While all these makes the internet look green, it is equally important to protect your identity.

Identity theft is the new age online robbery. Criminals use your data to commit crimes or frauds, without your knowledge. Depending on the severity of crimes, the price you must pay for such identity theft can be as less as hundreds of dollars to a lifetime struggle.

A browser is a gateway to your online identity. Use them effectively to protect your identity.

Check your privacy settings. I use this to receive privacy reports – click on view -> privacy reports on the website. The privacy report gives you information on the privacy protocols of the website if any third-party website can access data from this website, what are the cookies enabled or disabled etc. You can revisit your privacy settings and restrict yourself from providing information on the website. The bottom line is to play safe!